Pre-natal physical therapy is extremely important for the continually changing body of an expecting mom. There are many changes that occur to the musculoskeletal system that should be addressed before they become problematic and result in pain. As a woman progresses further along in her pregnancy, the normal curvature of the back changes which can increase pressure on the spine and cause muscular tightness of the back and hip muscles. The hormones that are released during pregnancy often contribute to ligament laxity, pelvic misalignment, and separation of the symphysis pubis (joint of the pelvic bones). Pregnant women also often experience pain, numbness, and tingling in their hands which occurs due to swelling during pregnancy which puts pressure on the median nerve in the wrist.

Physical therapy is also an important part of a woman’s recovery after childbirth. After having a baby, the muscles of the core, upper extremity, and lower extremity are weak which can contribute to neck, wrist, and back pain with nursing and lifting/carrying a baby. It is common for new moms to experience diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal muscles) which can lead to low back pain or potentially a hernia. Post-partum women also often experience pelvic pain and pelvic floor weakness after delivering a baby or have pain and tenderness around their scar after having a c-section.

All of the physiological changes that are associated with pregnancy and recovering after delivering a baby can be addressed through physical therapy treatments. Soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, postural correction, instruction in body mechanics, therapeutic exercise, and utilization of taping/support belts are all physical therapy treatments that will ensure a pain-free pregnancy and guarantee achievement of both pre- and post-partum fitness goals.

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