Yoga + Mobility

Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:25am

This class is PERFECT for you if you are in your 30s-50s and you: 

  • Have tried stretching on your own, but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for.

  • Feel “tight” all the time, and want to find a permanent solution.

  • Are worried about losing mobility because of a sedentary job or lifestyle.

  • Want to learn a comprehensive and effective stretching and flexibility program that actually works.

  • are concerned with "aging gracefully".

  • Don’t ever want to look in the mirror and see this 👇😜



This is an ALL LEVELS "vinyasa-ish" mobility class that moves through traditional yoga postures while incorporating functional mobility work  (Functional Range Conditioning) and targeted core strengthening exercises.

This is not your average yoga class!

We'll get muscles working that you never knew you had!

Strength work - yep... got you covered!

Spend too much time sitting... Or in front of a computer???  We Can Help!

Not the yoga type???  Perfect!


Brought to you by the talented and super amazing......... 


Nicole Sciacca.jpg

Nicole is an FRC certified yoga teacher, professional dancer, actress, personal trainer, and (most importantly) mother to her four year-old son, Beau.

She is passionate about helping people move better, more often and pain-free.  Her energy is unparalleled and her sense of humor will leave you gasping for breath between laughs. 

In 2006, a horrible back injury changed the trajectory of her dance career.  She desparately needed to find an outlet for her energy - and genetic disposition for sweat

What at the time felt like the biggest roadblock of her life, not only introduced her to her passion, but also gave her a gift that she has HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to share with thousands of people.

IG: @nicolesciacca