Small Group Training Classes

Our small group training classes were designed to help you MOVE better, and without pain. These all-level classes are open to the public. Please reserve your spot via the booking link below.

mestre muito tempo


A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.

This is stretching that works.

Wednesday @ 930am

Saturdays (alternating) @ 815am

vppt strength 1


This is an ALL-LEVELS strength class that targets you’re ENTIRE body.

You will lift things, move slow and purposely through reps and your form will be closely monitored.

Monday @ 600pm

Saturday @ 930am



Perfect for the "super-bendy" to "stiff-as-a-board" folks (and everyone in between).

This is a Functional Range Conditioning class that will help you move better, feel less stiff, and improve your posture so you don’t feel held back by your body.

Thursday @ 6pm

Saturdays (alternating) @ 8:15am


  • Drop-in: $28

  • 1 class/week: $87*

  • 2 classes/week: $97*

  • Unlimited classes/month: $107*

  • All classes are included for current clients/patients at no additional cost during active treatment plans.

  • Classes must be reserved in advance.

*monthly auto-debit