This is an all levels “vinyasa-ish” mobility class that moves through traditional yoga postures while incorporating functional mobility work (Functional Range Conditioning/Kinstretch) and targeted core strength exercises.

This is NOT your average yoga class.

Every Wednesday @ 930am

Alternating Saturdays @ 815am

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This is an all levels circuit-style strength class that targets you’re ENTIRE body - from your beach muscles to all the small stabilizers that no one spends enough time working on.

Every Monday @ 600pm

Every Saturday @ 930am



Perfect for the "super-bendy" to "stiff-as-a-board" folks (and everyone in between).

This is a Functional Range Conditioning class that will help you move better, feel less stiff, and improve your posture so you don’t feel held back by your body.

In this class you'll go through a range of full body mobility exercises and active stretches that will help you to have more control over your body, prevent injuries, increase joint health and physical longevity.

Every Thursday @ 6pm

Alternating Saturdays @ 8:15am