Are you organized, attentive to details, enjoy analyzing data and want to learn more about growing the revenue of a company through marketing?

Do you have an interest in advancing what you already know about how to grow a business through branding, marketing, and social media?

Are you able to juggle multiple tasks while using data to prioritize what’s most important?

Do you actively seek out learning opportunities and pursue personal growth?

Have you thought to yourself “yes” to all of the above???  Then please keep reading!

Victory Performance and Physical Therapy, a boutique performance and recovery studio in Culver City is growing, and we need someone just like you to be a part of our team.  

We currently are looking to bring on board ONE marketing intern.  The right candidate will be equally as committed to growing our business as we are to their development.   They also will aspire to have a better understanding of the tactical “how-to” of marketing as well as the strategic “50,000 foot view” of WHY.

So if you are looking for someplace to do an internship so you can check off a box for a school requirement and do the absolute minimum, please look elsewhere.

But if you’ve been thinking to yourself, “that’s me”  over and over and over again….we strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.  

Please put your info in the form below and then check your inbox immediately.  

So we can get to know you a little better… we have a small, FUN, *time-sensitive* task for you to do.

Please submit your response within 48 hours.