Staying pain free so you can function at your highest capacity is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and meeting your fitness and sports performance goals. Your old injuries, poor flexibility, and compensatory movement patterns can all increase your risk for injury, and derail your goals.  Unfortunately, these problems often go unnoticed and unaddressed until it’s too late.

We. Hate. That.

Victory Performance and Physical Therapy has developed a special “p”rehab screen to keep you functioning at your peak!  We use scientifically proven tests to quantify how well you move and most importantly, which muscles and joints are lacking mobility, stability, and strength.  

Our “Move-Better” Screen is perfect for you if you want to fine-tine your training and ensure that you aren’t doing anything wrong that will catch up to you later.

And if you’re new, or maybe just getting back to working out or playing a sport, you’ll know exactly where you should start.

You will leave your appointment with an understanding of your weak links.  We will supply you with exercises and stretches to get you moving better.

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