Free Workshop: How to End Lingering Pain and Start Living Your Most Active and Confident Life

WITHOUT medications, injections, surgeries, and weekly chiropractic adjustments


Free interactive event with Dr. Santo Riva, DPT

During this one time only free workshop, Dr. Riva will reveal how you can virtually end all your pain and ensure you stay active for the rest of your life.


There is no cost to attend this workshop. Attendance is limited to 15 attendees!


Secret #1

How to get to the root cause of your pain and ensure it never comes back.

Secret #2

Why medicinal care, physical therapy, or chiropractic adjustments haven’t SOLVED your problem yet.

Secret #3

The 5 phases of rehab you must go through to ensure you can stay active forever (most PTs skip phases 3-5)

  • You’re an active adult between the ages of 25 and 55 living in Los Angeles, CA

  • You have back, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, or neck pain that is either preventing you from doing what you love, or just not allowing you to be as care-free and confident as you’d like

  • You want to find a natural way to end this pain so you can continue to workout, run, and live an inspiring life

This Workshop is NOT For You If:

  • You want quick band-aid fixes that might have you feeling better for a few days, but will have the pain coming right back

  • You’re okay with taking pain meds, getting weekly chiropractic adjustments, regular injections, and you’re not afraid of surgery

  • You are not active, or have no desire to continue running, hiking, climbing, working out, playing sports, and living life to the fullest

There is no cost to attend this workshop. Attendance is limited to 15 attendees!