Ankle Sprains!



The ATFL or anterior talofibular ligament is the most common ligament in the ankle that people tear/sprain/injure. 

It attaches the talus and the distal head of the fibula. 

The ATFL is typically torn or sprained when the ankle moves into inversion and plantar flexion (toes pointing in and down) at an extremely high velocity. 

Unfortunately, ligaments don't return back to their original shape.  Once they are sprained, or stretched, your ankle remains less stable and you are more likely to re-injure yourself. A physical therapist can give you targeted exercises to rebuild the muscles around your ankle and help improve your motor control and balance to decrease your risk of re-injury. 

Back Pain And What It's Trying To Tell You


An interesting article by Deepak Chopra. 

I firmly believe that regular "physical therapy check-ups" would put a huge dent in the incidence of low back pain.  

In California, you no longer need a physicians referral to see your physical therapist.  Whether you have a long standing injury, or want to prevent one, do yourself a favor and go get yourself assessed by a physical therapist.

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