More Thoracic Mobility!!!! A Movement Cornerstone

If your thoracic spine is stiff and you’re looking like Quasimodo, you’re setting yourself up for neck pain and headaches (btw looking like Quasimodo is NOT a good thing) -

A thoracic spine stuck in flexion is typically the result of bad posture while you (insert electronic device here). Try these mobilizations to help get your T spine moving better💯. - ALSO - Full thoracic extension has important implications for preventing shoulder pain and being proficient in overhead sports, especially gymnastics and olympic weightlifting, as the last 15 degrees of full shoulder flexion comes from thoracic extension. The T spine also has to extend so that the scapula can tilt backwards to allow for full shoulder flexion under optimal biomechanical conditions. More on that for another day.

Sometimes when you have a really stuck drawer, and all the pulling in isn’t getting it moving, some side to side wiggling will do the trick. Working on thoracic rotation to improve thoracic extension is a similar concept, biomechanically. This ⬆️active stretch is a great way to get the thoracic spine unstuck so that you can stop looking like Quasimodo👏👌💯

Building on the video above video, here’s another hack to improve thoracic rotation mobility, and ultimately extension and your posture. Shout out to @dr.jacob.harden for the modification to the open book stretch to avoid hinging at the TL Junction (where your mid and low back meet)

Turn the sound on if you want to hear @coachkimmie talk about 🍑🍑🍑