Medial Knee Pain⚡️--Pes Anserine Bursitis--Part 3


Strengthening the muscles of the hip and knee 🏋️ is an important part of rehabilitation from pes anserine bursitis. As mentioned several posts ago, excessive foot pronation and knee valgus can contribute to inflammation of the bursa. These two exercises improve hip and knee strength and strengthen the muscles necessary to avoid excessive foot pronation and knee valgus (knees caving in) with activity. 1️⃣Gliders 🔸Place band around ankles 🔸Place towel (if on hardwood floor) or paper plate (if on carpet) under foot 🔸In a squat position, glide the leg out to the side, back/diagonal, and straight to the back 🔸Keep the standing leg in a squat the entire time and keep toes pointed forward 🔸You should feel both legs working 🔸Perform 2 sets of 10 on each leg 2️⃣Side steps with band around arches 🔸Place band around arches 🔸Pull arches up without rolling to the outsides of the feet 🔸Side step across floor 🔸Keep toes pointed forward, arches pulled up, knees slightly bent, and trunk still 🔸Do 2 laps 🔸If you want to really work the glutes, add another band around the knees or ankles