Medial Patellar Glide Taping with Rigid Tape

First, position your leg so that the knee is slightly bent. Then use a washcloth with some alcohol to clean the patellar area and remove dead skin cells.

After the area dries, use two strips of white tape (about 6 inches per strip) and apply tape on top of the kneecap. The first strip should be placed flatly on the upper half of the kneecap with no tension applied. There should be more tape on the inside of the leg than the outside.

The second strip should be placed on the lower half of the kneecap with about a half inch of overlap with the first strip of tape. Then two strips of the orange tape should be placed on top of the white strips of tape, however, this time with tension.

Start by placing the end of the orange tape on the outside of the knee and then pull the tape inward. Do the same with the second strip of orange tape, ensuring to apply tension.