Physical Therapy Can Prevent Opioid Addiction!


Drug addiction affects the lives of users and their loved ones in ways that no words can really express.  Victory Performance and Physical Therapy dreams of a world where pain can be addressed holistically and drug free with PT being a major component of the management team.   

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Why You Should Be Using This Magic Tape After Any Surgery


Yes, it's magic.

This patient had a total knee replacement 12.3.15.  The top left picture is from Friday 12.11.15.  You can clearly see the bruising. You may also notice the areas of less bruising.  This is from one strip of @muscleaidtape applied on Wednesday 12.9.15.  

We applied muscle aid tape again 12.11.15 (second picture).  The last picture is from Monday 12.14.15. The results speak for themselves. 

We’re here for your total joint replacement prehab and rehab.  


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