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This Is What Happens To Our Spine As We Age


 😬DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE😬 It sounds awful, right!?  Let’s talk about what that means, and why it’s important for you to fix how you are moving immediately.

As we all get older, our discs dry out and shrink.  This is a normal process that happens with aging.  Initially, as the disc height decreases, more movement will occur between the vertebrae of the spine.  The facet joints (not seen in the picture), which are now sitting right on top of each other, start rubbing against each other.  As bone rubs against each other, it will start to facilitate the growth of more bone ➡️➡️➡️ bone spurs ➡️ arthritis ➡️ a stiff spine.  Depending on how active an older adult you are, this may not affect you terribly.  BUT, you don’t want this process starting when you are young and active.  Now pay attention - herniated discs or disc bulges can also start this phenomenon.  Disc bulges lead to decreased disc height, and the same processes will occur ➡️ increased shear and torsional forces ➡️ increased facet loading ➡️ bone spurs ➡️ stiff spine ➡️ pain.

If you’re suffering from back pain, go see a physical therapist, who can teach you how to move better and get you out of pain. 

If you don’t have back pain, go see a physical therapist, and learn how to move better and stay out of pain😉

Huge News!!!


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Victorious Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

Victorious Breakfast Sandwich

Fried farm fresh egg

Garlicky kale: sauté garlic in coconut oil, add small pieces of kale a splash of tamari, a couple cracks fresh pepper and cook until wilted

Pan-fried Berkshire pig sausages

Toasted sprouted English muffin

Sliced aged Manchego cheese

Swirl Shady Lady Tomato Jam

Spread tomato jam on bottom half of English muffin, then layer sausage, garlicky kale, Manchego cheese, fried egg and English muffin top.


Best of Quantic - Mixed by JRocc


Quantic - "Snakes In The Grass"
Quantic - "Cumbia Clash"
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - "Dog With A Rope"
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Hands Of My Love feat. Alice Russell"
Quantic y Conjunto - "Cumbia de Dilla"
Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro - "The Dreaming Mind (Part 1)"
Quantic - "Infinite Regression"
Quantic - "Perception"
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Left & Right" f. Alice Russell
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - "Cuidad Del Swing"
Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro - "New Morning (Slow Version)'
Quantic And Nickodemus Feat. Tempo & The Candela All-Stars - "Mi Swing Es Tropical"
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Tropidelico (Occidental)"
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro - "Enyere Kumbara"
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro - "Undelivered Letter"
Quantic - "Transatlantic"
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Super 8"
Quantic - "Use What You Got" f. Sonny Akpan
Quantic - Sabor" f. Tempo
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Get A Move On"
Quantic - "Not So Blue"
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - "Cumbia Sobre El Mar"

The Butt The Wink


Your pelvis is attached quite firmly to your spine. Whatever your pelvis does, your spine follows. What's happening when you see the dreaded "butt wink" during a squat or deadlift, is the pelvis rotating posteriorly. Your spine follows suit, going into flexion and putting compressive pressure onto the anterior part of the disc, vertebrae and facet joints. Now add whatever weight you are squatting/deadlifting and those forces grow exponentially. This is the most common mechanism for disc herniations. 

You can fix this by working on the flexibility and joint mobility in the hips and ankles as well as spending some time on the actual movement mechanics. 

Videos of some techniques to mobilize the hip and ankle coming soon.