Hip Strength Series - Clams


Hip strengthening is the 🔑 to preventing injuries in the active population. Whether you're walking, going up and down stairs, squatting, running, or jumping, good glute strength will help to keep your joints protected. Strong glute muscles help to maintain proper trunk, knee, and foot alignment to prevent you from putting unnecessary stress on your joints. A strong 🍑 can help to prevent low back pain, patellofemoral pain, and IT band syndrome. Here are some of our favorite simple glute strengthening exercises to target the glute med, glute max, and hip external rotators

Workout 54

workout 54

Recovery mobility day.

Lets spend some time on our calves and anterior tibialis (front of shin).

You can stretch the muscles on the front of your shins by sitting on your knees with your feet folded underneath you.
Message me for modifications if you have an injury.

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