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We are so excited to announce our partnership with The Gym @ Hayden in Culver City - steps away from the Metro Expo line. 

A beautiful 5,500 square foot facility with every toy imaginable to help us reach your goals.  

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The Butt The Wink


Your pelvis is attached quite firmly to your spine. Whatever your pelvis does, your spine follows. What's happening when you see the dreaded "butt wink" during a squat or deadlift, is the pelvis rotating posteriorly. Your spine follows suit, going into flexion and putting compressive pressure onto the anterior part of the disc, vertebrae and facet joints. Now add whatever weight you are squatting/deadlifting and those forces grow exponentially. This is the most common mechanism for disc herniations. 

You can fix this by working on the flexibility and joint mobility in the hips and ankles as well as spending some time on the actual movement mechanics. 

Videos of some techniques to mobilize the hip and ankle coming soon. 

Workout 20

workout 20

Make sure you are nice and warm and your hips and core are primed to lift some heavy weights.

If this is your first time attempting a max for this exercise, start with a reasonable weight that you know you can lift, and increase the weight by 5-10lbs with each attempt.  Rest 2-3’ between each successful attempt.  

Don’t be an idiot – ie. know when to stop.  If you don’t have bumper plates and can’t toss the weight off your back safely, use a spotter, or perform in a power rack with safety rails so you don’t start your week off with a spinal cord injury – because that would suck.

Message me for modifications if you have an injury.

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Workout 7

workout 7

Make a box and do 1 leg at a time! Repeat left/right boxes 5 times.  Bring a jump rope.
For example - 20 left foot hops to the right->  20 left foot hops with jump rope->   20 left foot hops forward. 20 left foot hops with jump rope-> Etc.   1’ left side plank at the end of left box.  Move to right leg hops. Repeat.  

Scale up/down as needed.

Message me for modifications if you have an injury.

Workouts posted every day at 4am PST at